Recent Webinar Addresses Proposed Legislation That Would Expand the Scope of the FMLA

As we kick off the Summer of 2010, this is a great opportunity for employers to brush up on some recent developments under the FMLA through a free, previously recorded webinar.   

Recently, my law partner, James A. Matthews, III, and I presented a webinar for in-house counsel entitled The Obama Administation After Year One: The Evolving Legal Landscape of the Workplace.  Among other recent developments, I discussed proposed legislation that would expand the scope of the FMLA.  Some of the proposed changes include extending leave to employees to care for a domestic partner and/or same sex spouse with a serious health condition; making leave available to employees in connection with domestic violence issues; and reducing the number of employees that an employer must employ to be a covered employer from 50 to 25. 

I recommend that employers listen to the webinar to stay abreast of proposed changes to the FMLA.  Should any of the proposals become law, please check back here for a discussion of what the changes mean for employers.